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Sports enthusiasts can make money betting on their favorite sports by following simple, time-tested trends and angles and employing a smart betting strategy

Online sports betting is sweeping the nation. The United States is a nation of sports lovers and gambling fools. When you put these two together, you have a nation of sports betting fanatics. That's what this site is about - sports betting. More specifically, we want to show you how to win at sports betting sites online. We have also compiled a list of top sports betting sites that we think are reputed amongst the players for fast payouts, excellent customer service, big bonuses and most importantly, ease of use.

Sports betting is our real national pastime. Don't believe me? Then why is the Super Bowl the highest rated TV event? Why is March Madness the second highest rated event? True, they are great athletic championships, but even more important, they are great sports betting opportunities. If you're not already winning at this great pastime, it's time you began. Our website provides you with free sports picks, betting tips and betting sites where you can bet online.

Whether you hope to someday earn a living at betting on sports, or whether it's just a fun hobby that you would like to become less expensive - or even profitable - you've come to the right place. Our experts has reviewed all the best onlinesportsbooks and have compiled a top 5 list for you to choose from.

Just how popular has online betting become? Over $380 billion per year is wagered on sports in the U.S., making sports betting the most popular form of gambling. If you ask me, it is also the most enjoyable form of gambling at online sportsbooks. I'm not the only one who thinks this as studies have shown that more than 1 out of 2 adults in America places at least one sports bet each year.

So why has betting at a sportsbook become so popular? The answer is, in a word, accessibility. It is the easiest form of gambling to pursue. It used to be that you had to have a bookie or take a trip to Las Vegas to place a sports wager or seek spots betting advice. Now, all you have to do is log onto the internet and place a bet with your online sportsbook. It's that easy! After that, you can turn on the TV and watch your sports bet play out, for unlike most other forms of gambling, sports betting is played out wherever you happen to be watching; at home, work, in a lively sports bar, or even in front of your computer.

Winning at online betting, or any other type of gambling, is not about luck. It is about keen insight (acumen) hard work, discipline and money management. Far from being lucky, successful sports betting is a function of acquired skill. Go through our tips & advice and check out the odds and lines from varous sports betting sites in order to place your bet.

Winning at sports betting online, although it takes the aforementioned skill, is not as difficult as it may seem. There are really only a few tenets you need to subscribe to in order to make yourself a winner. Here is my list of sports betting musts:

  • You must have a positive attitude. Believe that you can, and will, win.
  • You must have a game plan.
  • You must be prepared to grind out a profit.
  • You must never forget that the sportsbook has and advantage over you.
  • You must know the odds (this applies more to general gambling that to sports betting, but is still a MUST).
  • You must manage your money wisely.

These tenets of successful sports betting aren't at all hard to learn or adhere to. To do so, however, you must follow the last, and most important, rule of successful sports betting:

  • You must be disciplined.

Believe it or not, most sports bettors do not employ these basic rules. I don't mean that they don't employ all of them. I mean that they don't employ any of them! Each of these sports betting rules will be covered in various parts of this site. Please take the time to study them and practice. Remember, betting on sports is an acquired skill, so practice is a MUST.