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Sports betting handicapping services are of valuable assistance to sports bettors with little time to make their own selections

Even if you are equipped with an arsenal of great handicapping angles like the ones we have provided, it still takes a huge time commitment to review all of the sporting betting opportunities offered on a daily basis by sports books. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent services that will provide you with picks for a very reasonable price.

The key with finding a handicapping service is to watch out for crooks. Although there are a number of excellent handicapping services available, there are also a lot of crooks out there. Good handicappers work extremely hard to provide their clients with excellent picks at reasonable prices. Crooks just want your hard-earned money. Good handicappers care about their reputation. Crooks just have a reputation - a bad reputation. Sports betting is challenging enough without having to worry about crooks.

One question that you always hear about handicapping services is, if their picks are so great, why don't they just bet them? There are numerous reasons for this. Sports betting for a living can be very stressful. Some people enjoy the process of handicapping and are very good at, but the thought of betting a dime ($1000) on a game makes their stomach churn. Perhaps they have families and simply cannot justify making large bets that may put their needs in jeopardy. So, in essence, they may be great at picking games until the pressure gets too heavy.Of course, some handicappers just sell their picks as a way to supplement their income from sports betting.

Whether or not to use a handicapping service depends on a few important factors. Do you consider sports betting to be recreation? Are you betting on sports to make a profit? How much does the service cost? How many plays are you getting? How much do you bet per game? The first two questions are personal, but if you enjoy betting sports and want to try to make a profit but just don't have the time to handicap yourself than maybe a service is right for you.

We have undertaken an exhaustive review of many such services and whittled the list down to the few that you see listed here. Although we highly recommend these services, we must provide a word of caution regarding using these services and gambling in general. Please read our disclaimer before purchasing picks or making any wagers based on selections that you have purchased.

Gridiron Gold

Mission Statement: Gridiron Gold is committed to providing a high quality experience for our clients that is perceived by them to be an outstanding value exceeding their expectations. We will provide the friendliest, timeliest, most courteous and professional service possible, serving clients as we would want to be served. We will continue to produce the best sports predictions we know how. Be assured we shall strive to do everything possible to merit your respect, trust and confidence without ever misleading you about the possibilities that exist in this chancy exercise.

Company Motto: "The Sports Service You Can Bet On"

About Us: Formerly Eastern Sports Service, Hoopiron Gold was formed in July of 1981. Our first five seasons were spectacular campaigns. In five years, Eastern Sports Service (now Gridiron Gold) exploded onto the national scene and in 22 years has grown into one of the country's most respected sports services. Eastern Sports Service originated in upstate N.Y. and proved to the nation that you do not have to be located in Las Vegas to become successful. Since then we've opened branch offices in Pittsburgh, PA., Saratoga, N.Y., Dallas, TX., Long Beach, CA. and Honolulu, HI. We also changed our name to match our website "", but our solid service still remains the same.