13 Run MLB Baseball Office Pool

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Learn how to set up a 13 Run pool using our free printable 13 Run MLB Office Pool template, sheets and rules

13 Run pools are a great way to enjoy the Great American Pastime. Running an office pool is very easy to do, but Sports Betting Acumen has templates and instructions on how to run them. Most states in the U.S. have clarified their laws regarding this form of entertainment to allow it as long as 100 percent of the funds in the pool are paid back out to the contestants. We strongly suggest that you check both your local laws and workplace rules before participating in any office pools.

Rules of the 13 Run Pool

  • No more than 30 people may participate.
  • Each pool participant is assigned an MLB team.
  • When your team plays, keep track of the runs earned.
  • When a participants team has filled in all 14 run squares, they win.

How to Play

  1. Print our 13 Run Pool template.
  2. Decide on a pool buy in fee. Anything agreed upon is fine.
  3. You can start this pool at any time during the baseball season. But keep in mind that it can take a while for a team to get all 14 runs, so we advise starting well before the end of the season.
  4. Elect a commissioner to keep the pool money and manage the weekly pool results.
  5. Once the squares have been sold, have players write their names in any square they wish in an agreed upon order.
  6. Now match participants up with teams. This could happen one of two ways:
    • Pool participant names are drawn from a hat. As each name is drawn, that person picks the team of their choice.
    • Fill in the template with participants and start drawing team names from a hat. The first team drawn is assigned to the first participants, the second team drawn goes to the second participant, and so on.
  7. Once the season starts, the commissioner needs to enter the runs scored by each team and somehow distribute the results to all pool participants.
  8. The first team to make all 14 runs from 0 to 13 wins the pool.

13 Run Baseball Pool Template

13 Run Pool Printable Template Sheet

Print Icon Click to print the template

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