NFL Playoff Survivor Office Pool Template and Rules

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Learn how to set up an NFL Playoff Survivor office pool using our free printable NFL Playoff Survivor Pool template, sheets, and rules

NFL Football playoff office pools are the most popular form of sports betting. While easy to set up and run, we've included instructions, sheets, and rules below just in case you need them. Most states in the U.S. have clarified their laws regarding this form of entertainment, allowing it as long as 100 percent of the funds in the pool are paid back out to the contestants. We strongly suggest that you check both your local laws and workplace rules before participating in any office pool.

NFL Playoff Survivor Office Pool Rules

NFL Playoff Survivor Pools follow the pattern of the regular season survivor pool, also called King of The Hill, Suicide, Knockout, and Last Man Standing pool. Participants are required to pick one winner for each round of the NFL playoffs. It's not as easy as it sounds because not only do you need to successfully choose a winner, you need to make sure you have teams left to select all the way to the Super Bowl. In a sense, you need to think backwards and start with teams you think are good, but not good enough to make it all the way to the Super Bowl. If your team loses or you run out of teams to pick as a winner, you are eliminated from the pool. The last player left wins the pot. It's as easy as that. We've clarified the rules by breaking them out into step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Print our NFL Playoff Survivor Pool template.
  2. Each pool participant must pick one team to win each week of the NFL playoffs starting with the Wild Card round ending with the Super Bowl.
  3. You can't pick the same team twice. That's the tricky part!
  4. If your team wins, you survive the round and move on to the next week.
  5. If you make it to the Super Bowl, and you pick the winner of the Super Bowl, you win.
  6. A winner can be declared well before the Super Bowl. If only one participant remains at any point of the playoffs, that person is the winner.
  7. If two or more participants are left on Super Bowl Sunday, have each write how many total points they believe will be scored by both teams for a tie-breaker.
  8. You can change the rule in any number of ways. One popular variation is to require two winning picks during the first round or, if that isn't hard enough already, require two winning picks during the first two rounds of the playoffs.

NFL Playoff Survivor Pool Printable Template

NFL Playoffs Survivor Office Pool Printable Template

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