10 Square NFL Football Office Pool Template and Rules

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Learn how to run a 10 square NFL office pool for the NFL playoffs or Super Bowl. Printable 10 square football office pool template, sheets and rule

Office football pools are the most popular form of sports betting. While easy to set up and run, we've included instructions, sheets, and rules below just in case you need them. Most states in the U.S. have clarified their laws regarding this form of entertainment, allowing it as long as 100 percent of the funds in the pool are paid back out to the contestants. We strongly suggest that you check both your local laws and workplace rules before participating in any office pool.

10 Square Football Pool Rules

  1. Print our 10 square NFL office pool template and write down one of the teams on each side.
  2. Decide how much to sell each square for, any amount is fine, and sell them all. Players may purchase as many squares as they like.
  3. As the squares are sold, have players write their names in any square of the "Name" column. All 10 squares must be sold for the pool to guarantee a winner.
  4. When every square contains a player's name, it's time for the drawing! Write the numbers 0 through 9 on a piece of paper and place them in a hat. As each number is drawn, write it down in the left column beginning at the top and work your way down until all numbers have been drawn.
  5. At the end of each quarter, add the scores of both teams together. Whoever has the box next to the last number of that sum wins the quarter.
  6. When the game is over, the winners of each quarter divide the pot amongst themselves four (4) ways and each winner receives 25%.
  7. Overtime can be treated as an extra quarter and the winners divide the pot five (5) ways and each winner receives 20%. You can also treat overtime as an extension of the fourth quarter and the score at the end of overtime is used to determine the winner. If so, there would be four (4) winners, each receiving 25% of the pot. Either way is fine so long as it's decided before the game begins.
  8. It's possible for one player to win more than one game and get a larger share of the pot. Each win is a share of the pot!
  9. An alternative is to play winner take all and only pay out the final score of the Super Bowl.

10 Square NFL Football Office Pool Printable Template

Printable 10 square NFL Football Office Pool Template

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