Updated: Monday, February 17, 2014 1:26 PM PST

NASCAR - Stock Car Racing Betting Resources

NASCAR racing has grown in popularity at a tremendous rate. Despite the increased exposure that this great sport - yes it is a sport - gets in the media, Las Vegas sportsbooks have been slow to embrace NASCAR. This makes NASCAR a great opportunity for sports bettors.

Here we have a sport where there is now an abundance of information to help the handicapper, yet where 'Vegas only makes betting lines to accomodate their customers. Ka-ching!

Check out our NASCAR handicapping resources and make Sundays your personal NASCAR payday.

  • NASCAR Office Pools - NASCAR office pools are a great way to enoy the racing season with your friends.
  • 2014 NASCAR Schedule and Results - The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series - 2014 NASCAR schedule and race results.
  • The Basics of NASCAR Handicapping - NASCAR is one of most underrated betting opportunities in all of sports. It is unique in that all of the information needed to make an informed bet is readily available. We hope to take some of the mystery out of this great sport (yes, sport).
  • NASCAR - Tracking the Tracks - The tracks may all be oval but that's where the similarities end and NASCAR betting angles begin.